Agora, as a methodology of grouping people by ideology, has the potential to assist companies in the research, definition and understanding of their target audience, understanding in depth their thoughts and, consequently, their behaviors, tastes, ways of life, etc.; this is decisive for increasing sales, brand recommendation, repercussion among friends, among friends of your friends … This understanding of the target audience is valuable in the world of Marketing, facilitating, for example, the work of UX (user experience) professionals, who are dedicated to create strategies for better use of the internet for companies, since they seek to provide the best possible experience to their audience in the digital environment.

Imagine, also, how rich it can be for corporate work in the Human Resources area to have in-depth access to the thinking of its employees? How many well-focused actions can be adopted with real gains for the organizational climate and consequent productivity? It is possible to list other benefits to the corporate world by the execution of agora.

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