At home, I am the head of family;
At work, the clerk;
At the bar, I am the joke teller;
In the stadium, the jinx.

In each place, in each relationship and in each situation, we play a role. It is around this main point that the Austrian sociologist Peter Berger developed his “role theory.” In social groups, the position of each member is established and its role is the set of behaviors expected of him. It is kind of like rules for the good functioning of the groups.

“We almost always want exactly what society expects of us. We want to obey the rules. We want the roles that society has assigned us”, says Berger. For him, identity is attributed, sustained and transformed socially, and even the identities that we believe to constitute the essence of our personalities have been socially attributed.

Such ideas are in tune with the Agora’s formulation trajectory regarding the inevitable connection of the self with the other.