Born in the interior of the state of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, in 1976, professor and researcher Leonardo Viana is the author of the Agora theory. He developed it in his Doctoral  thesis in Psychosociology of Communities and Social Ecology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro  and  at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Leonardo Viana has always been interested in neuroscience studies involving collective intelligence on the web, cognition and social psychology. He is a professor of UX (user experience) in Digital Marketing MBAs, a discipline dedicated to understanding the behavior of people on the Internet and tracing the most appropriate strategies in the construction of digital products.

He is also a consultant, speaker and author of the online UX course of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, where he is a visiting professor. He has a strong performance in the area of Online Education, including network communication strategies. He also worked in the preparation of infoproducts of national and international companies of medium and large size, such as BNDES,, JBS, Fiocruz (Osvaldo Cruz Foundation), AIESAD (Ibero-American Association – composed of 14 countries), MHW (Xerox do Brasil), Apex  International, Rio de Janeiro Government, among others. In addition to being a doctor, he also has a master’s and MBA degree in Strategy and Management, both from the Fluminense Federal University, and graduated in Industrial Design. He operates in the digital market since 1998.


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Leonardo Viana, PhD.

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