The ecology of the senses is a transversal theory of communication, created in 2015 by the Brazilian Milton Campos, emeritus professor of the Université  de Montréal and professor and researcher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, which understands the areas of human knowledge as being crossed by constructions and co-constructions  of world images, producing meaning configurations by indivduals, groups and/or societies, that constitute themselves in a natural and social environment. The meanings configurations defined by Campos express, therefore, individual representations, socialized representations (those that are in the middle of the path between the subject and society) and social representations. The expression of these representations are influenced, according to the author, by the cognitive and affective structures of the individual, by its consciences, wills and moralities, in addition to its material conditions of life; as can be seen in the figure below extracted from Campos’ book (2017) – “Navigating is accurate, communicating is inaccurate“:

Campos (2017) – “Navegar é preciso, comunicar é impreciso (pt)”

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